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Members of ECB allocate $71,000 in funding each year to various events held by student organizations. ECB helps student organizations promote diverse programs that mirror the interests of the student body and personify the spirit of the university. Each Wednesday organizations present their program idea to ECB and their need for the Board's support. Many groups seek ECB funding; because of a limited budget, ECB must decide by deliberation which groups will receive ECB cosponsorship.

Meetings: Wednesdays, 4-6PM, Texas Union Board of Directors Room (UNB 4.118)
Chair: Alexander Nguyen '17
Adviser: Lisa Dela Cruz 

Funding Information:


  • Applications for events occurring in the spring semester of 2017 are due Monday, March 6th.  
  • Applications for events starting within the first six weeks in the fall semester of 2017 are due Friday, April 21st.

Applications for funding are a minimum of due SIX (6) weeks prior to the event. For weekend events, the application must be submitted by the Friday SIX (6) weeks prior to the event. A special early funding allocation process takes place in November and April of each year for events taking place within the first six weeks of the following long semester.

Applications can only be accepted online at the link below.

Important Forms:  



Eligibility, Guidelines, and Stipulations for ECB Funding:

  • ECB funding is available only to active Registered Student Organizations in good standing. Your RSO must be listed as active with the Dean of Students.
  • ECB-funded events must be open to current UT students and located on the UT campus.
  • Any funding allocated for charitable events will be considered a loan that must be repaid in full (funding cannot be used for organizations’ charitable donations).
  • All items funded by ECB must be purchased by the University Unions. The University Unions will not reimburse any purchase.
  • If admission is charged or items are sold at the event, ECB will reduce its contribution by the amount of the profit made by the RSO.
  • Any tangible or material item funded by ECB must be rented or disposable. ECB-funded materials may not be reused at other events.
  • Funding cannot be used for conference or workshop registration fees. However, if your RSO is hosting a conference with unrestricted attendance, then funding may be used for expenses such as speaker fees, advertising, room rental, etc.
  • ECB funding is not available to events cosponsored by other University Unions committees.
  • ECB will not fund food or nonperishable expenses such as office supplies, T-shirts, etc.
  • All advertising and promotion for the approved program must include the ECB logo or name as cosponsors. Such advertising and promotion should be across the university campus so that the entire student body, undergraduate and graduate, is informed of the event. ECB reserves the right to withhold our name and logo from your event.
  • All advertising for the funded event must be approved by the ECB advisor in advance of print/purchase.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of receipt as soon as your application is received.
  • You will be contacted within 7 days of the email confirmation for an update on the status of your application. If you have not been contacted, please call (512) 475-6645.
  • The applying organization must complete all current forms forms fully and accurately before program funding will be considered. The ECB budget sheet must be used and the complete application must be typed. Call for quotes on all items that you wish funded.
  • The application must be submitted in person to the Student Programs Office (UNB 4.312). Email submissions will not be accepted.


Frequently Asked Questions:

We're selling T-shirts at our event - does that mean we can't receive ECB funding?

No, it doesn't! But it does mean that your RSO will be responsible for repaying to ECB any profit that you made up to the amount you were allocated. For example, let's say your RSO was allocated $500 from ECB for your event, and you sold items at your event or charged admission. Any profit that was made from the event from the sale of items or the charge of admission after paying off all event-related debts (i.e. vendors, etc) would need to be refunded to ECB up to the $500 you were allocated. If you made a $200 profit, then $200 would need to be repaid to ECB. If you made a $700 profit, then only $500 would need to be repaid to ECB. It is considered a loan to help your RSO put on its event and that loan must be repaid if you profit off of that event. If your RSO is hosting an event for the sole purpose of generating revenue or to donate money to charitable causes, then ECB funding may not be ideal for that event.

What types of things does ECB fund?

Lots of things! Speaker fees, speaker hotel rooms, room charges through Dean of Students, Facilities Services, parking, advertising (posters, handbills, banners, Daily Texan ads, etc), sound/light equipment rental, event programs, and much more. What we don't fund are t-shirts and prizes, food and drink, and reusable items such as office supplies.

We don't have anyone in our organization who can design advertising material. What should we do?

If you are awarded event funding from ECB, you are eligible to have the University Unions' Advertising Department design your advertising materials for you, even if you were not allocated funding towards advertising. If you did receive an advertising allocation, we will print those items for you, and any other files created will be given to you to have printed on your own.

I'm not sure how much to put down for some of my estimated expenses or where to start. Can you help?

Sure! Here's a general idea of what some items cost. Keep in mind that we should be able to use whatever company you would like for your items, but we have discounted rates and known quality with some vendors.

Banners: - $5.25/sq.ft. with grommets - Plus $12.00 for delivery/per order

Handbills: We typically purchase full color double-sided 4x6 handbills from nextdayflyers.com, and prices vary depending on quantity and speed of print and shipping. Please review their web site for cost estimates based on your needs as well as size requirements for print. Don't forget to include shipping costs in your estimate. Handbills can also be printed at the UT Copy Center, but double-sided handbills must come to us in a two-page 4-up PDF file.

Color Posters

Local Vendor | 11” x 17” Full Bleed | 100lb Gloss Cover Stock

- 25 copies or less - $1.00/each

- 26-100 copies - $0.75/each

- 101 or more copies - $0.65/each

UT Copy Services | 11” x 17” No Bleed - There will be a 1/4” white border on these posters

65lb Card Stock - $1.00 each

80lb Gloss Cover Stock - $0.91

UT Copy Services | 11” x 17” Full Bleed - To get a full bleed the poster must be cut from a larger sheet

100lb Gloss Cover Stock - $0.98 each

Cutting - $12.50 per order

A-Frame Sign

24” x 36”  -  $25.00 each - Plus $12.00 for delivery/per order

30” x 40”  -  $35.00 each - Plus $12.00 for delivery/per order

Foam Core Sign

24” x 36” - $31.50 each - Plus $12.00 for delivery/per order

Facilities Services (Physical Plant): This includes tables, chairs, staging, electricity, etc. This one is tricky because Facilities Services employees get paid hourly so we are never sure how much it will cost. Some jobs could require multiple people or multiple hours. But some important details to note - we pay for the time of the employees, not the items themselves, and every job requires two employees. Any setup/delivery or teardown/pickup after 4pm on a weekday and anytime on a weekend is time and a half. For smaller events the cost will be around $125, but as the event size increases it can reach a cost of up to $350. One big mistake that RSO's make is requesting too little for Facilities Services and then they wind up having to shed needed items to keep from going over budget.

UTPD: These charges are also an unknown because officers are paid at different rates based on rank and we're never sure who will be working an event. In our experience, most small to medium events cost between $150 and $300 with larger events costing $400+. Lt. Calvert with UTPD would be the best resource in terms of getting an estimate for your event.

Hotel: The AT&T Conference Center has a UT rate of approximately $200 total per room per night. The Radisson Inn on Town Lake has a UT rate of approximately $130 total per room per night. Hotel Ella (formerly Mansion at Judges Hill) has a rate of approximately $220 per room per night. These are examples of hotels with which we have direct bill.



Address PO Box 7338
Austin, TX 78713
Phone Number P:(512) 475-6645